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UPDATE (07-JAN-2010)

FubuMVC has a new home on the web!  This wiki is no longer the official wiki for FubuMVC. 

The official web site is:  http://www.fubumvc.com 

The new wiki is http://wiki.fubumvc.com



FubuMVC is a Front Controller-style framework designed primarily for Web applications build upon ASP.NET (though it could be used for non-web/non-ASP.NET purposes).


Quick Links:


For us, by us


Fubu is an acronym which means "For us, by us."  After using the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Beta framework and disagreeing with some of the design choices made therein, several of us decided to try to bend it to our design choices using its extensibility points.  Eventually we reached our goal, but we realized we had overrode or replaced large portions of the MVC framework.  At this point, it was suggested that maybe we take it one step further and write our own MVC framework starting at the same layer where ASP.NET MVC begins.  This is the realization of that suggestion.


To be clear: This framework is NOT based on the ASP.NET MVC Framework at all. It is inspired by it, however.






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